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Executive Master of Business Administration

Supplemental Information

Degree Timeline
We have structured the program of studies to be completed in approximately one calendar year. Course meetings will be scheduled on weekends from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in eight-week segments. Each eight-week segment will include a two-week break to allow students time to catch up on readings and assignments. On completion of each eight-week segment, an intersession break of one to two weeks will elapse before the start of the new session. A maximum of two three-credit courses will be offered in each eight-week segment.

Time Limits

  • The program is cohort-delivered such that students are expected to complete the program with one calendar year.
  • Students should evaluate carefully their ability to complete the program in one calendar year. If for documented emergencies, a student must leave the program, special consideration may be granted to complete the program with another cohort but that must receive the prior approval of the Provost and the Dean of the School of Business.

Transfer Credit
The transfer of course work from other institutions of equivalent or higher standing can be considered. No transfer of credit for life or business experience is allowed.

  1. A maximum of 6 credit hours of graduate work may be transferred from an equivalent program.
  2. The UVI EMBA Committee will consider course credit on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Credit transferred does not affect the tuition fee for the program. Candidates are required to pay their tuition at the time of registering for the program.

Suspension of Studies
The program recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may result in a student being unable to attend one or more courses. In such cases, the student may request a temporary suspension of their studies. This does not mean a withdrawal from the program itself. Requests to suspend studies must be made in writing to the Provost through the Dean of the School of Business... Courses missed during the period of suspension may be taken by joining another UVI EMBA cohort. In the event that the course is not offered by the UVI EMBA Program, or if the student is unable to attend the course that is offered, the student may be required to take a similar course (approved by the UVI Executive MBA Program Committee) in UVI’s regular MBA program. Alternatively, the student may make a special request to the UVI EMBA Program Committee to complete the course requirement via self-study. Normally, a maximum of one self-study course will be permitted in the program. At the discretion of the program additional requests may be considered in exceptional circumstances. In the cases of courses taken by joining another UVI EMBA cohort, or taken with the regular MBA program, there will be no additional charge to the student provided the request for suspension of studies was received prior to the start of the course... Graduate Studies A suspension of studies does not alter the time allowed to complete the UVI EMBA degree. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the degree requirements with the time articulated in the ‘Degree Requirements’ section of the ‘Program Overview’ and / or UVI catalogue.