Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Applicants for matriculation should normally have a minimum undergraduate aver­age of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale and a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Applicants who do not satisfy the minimum undergraduate average may be admitted to matriculated status if they have substantial relevant professional experience, as determined by School of Business. Only students with matriculated status will be considered for the award of a graduate degree.

Applicants must submit Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) scores in accordance with the specific requirements Master of Business Administration program in the School of Business, GMAT scores are retained for five testing years from the date scores are earned.

In addition to meeting the general requirements, all applicants seeking admission to the Business Administration program must have successfully completed the following courses or their equivalents:
ECO 221, 222    Introduction to Macro- and Micro-Economics and
DSC 325            Statistics for Management Decisions or
MAT 235             Introduction to Statistics or
SSC 327-328     Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences

In addition to meeting the general graduate admission requirements, applicants seeking admission to the Master of Business Administration program that do not have undergraduate degrees in business will be required to take the following Business Prerequisite Core. The Business Prerequisite Core credits do not count toward the Master of Business Administration Degree.

Business Prerequisite Core (for non-business undergraduates)                         Credits
MKT 500 Foundations of Marketing                                                                                     3
ACC 500 Foundations of Accounting                                                                                  3
DSC 500 Foundations of Operations Management                                                         3
FIN 500 Foundations of Finance                                                                                          3
CIS 500 Foundations of Business Information Systems                                                3

                                                                                     Total Credits                                        15