Graduation Requirements

All MBA students are required to complete at least 36 credit hours in the program and pass the comprehensive examination or complete a thesis to qualify for graduation. The exam is administered during the fall and spring semesters.  To be eligible to take the exam students must complete prescribed core courses.  Exam guidelines and date of administration are available from the School of Business.  Students are allowed one retake of the exam, following the initial attempt, totaling two attempts to pass the exam.  Students who fail the initial attempt and the retake must complete the thesis option to graduate.

The program consists of core courses which are required for graduation and elective courses. Students take specialized courses reflecting the concerns of their particular area of interest.

MBA Core Courses   Credits 
MGT 520 Administrative Theories and Practices      3
DSC 521 Quantitative Methods in the Decision Sciences   3
FIN 522 Financial Administration        3
ACC 523 Accounting for Planning and Control      3
MKT 524 Marketing Management     3
CIS 525 Information Systems    3
DSC 527 Operations Management  3
MGT 534 International Business    3
MGT 537 Management Policy and Strategy    3                           
MBA Elective Courses Credits 
MGT 528 Small Business Ownership 3
MGT 533 Human Resource Management     3
BUS 536 Selected Topics in Business Administration  3
MKT 538 International Marketing 3
DSC 539 Management Research and Decision Analysis 3
BUS 600 Thesis 6

Students who elect BUS 600 must enroll in DSC 539. All other students must select 9 credit hours from the other electives. MBA students are permitted to take one MPA course in partial fulfillment of the MBA elective requirements.


The Master of Business Administration program requires a total of 36 credit hours for completion. If a thesis is written, the credits must be distributed as follows: 27 credit hours of core courses plus DSC 539 and BUS 600.

If students elect not to write a thesis, the credit distribution must be as follows: 27 hours of core courses and 9 hours of graduate level elective courses approved by the School of Business.