Graduation Requirements

In addition to the General Business Education (GBE) requirements in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, students in this major must take the following set of courses:

A. Required Courses in Information Systems and Technology:

Course Number Course Name Credits
IST 201 Introduction to Programming Logic 3
IST 205  Electronic Commerce 3
IST 301 Systems Analysis and Design 3
IST 305 Database Design and Implementation 3
IST 315 Data Communication and Network Management 3
IST 410 Technology Certification 3
IST 420 IS Project Management and Development I  3
IST 425 IS Project Management and Development II  3

B. Elective Courses in Information Systems and Technology: 

Elective courses can be chosen from within any discipline offered at the University to offer students the opportunity and flexibility to apply and integrate IST theories and practice with academic areas of interest to the student.

Electives may also be available within the IST Program to provide students with an in-depth and comprehensive academic experience within the field of Information Technology. IST electives include:

Course Number Course Name Credits
IST 320 Web and Multimedia Design 3
IST 325 Enterprise Information Systems  3
IST 401 Mobile Application Development 3
IST 415 Information Security Management 3

In addition, students may opt to use the additional six (6) credits toward the completion of an academic minor.

C.  Summary of Requirements for Information Systems and Technology Major:

General Education Courses 43-44
General Business Education Courses 48
Required Information Systems and Technology Courses 24
Elective Courses 6
Other Requirements (Physical Education) 2
Total Credit Hours 123-124