Bachelor of Business Administration

Concentration in Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Hospitality & Tourism Management major prepares students for a management career in the hotel and tourism industry. This program combines industry related skills and experiences with academic training in management resulting in an excellent foundation program for entry level management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry.  In addition to the General Business Education (GBE) requirements in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, students in this major must take the following set of courses. Certain courses in this major are substitutes for GBE requirements in the BBA.

A. The following courses substitutions apply to the HTM Major: 

  • HOS 101 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry replaces the GBE requirement for BUS 112 Introduction to Business 
  • HRM 234 Introduction to Hospitality Accounting replaces the GBE requirement for ACC 202 Management Accounting 
  • HOS 435 Hospitality Strategy replaces the GBE requirement for BUS 436 Business Strategy 
  • HOS 430 Hospitality Internship II replaces the GBE requirement for BUS 475 Undergraduate Internship in Business 

B. Required courses in hospitality: 

  • HOS 101 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 
  • HOS 105 Food Safety and Sanitation 
  • HOS 110 Lodging Operations I 
  • HOS 201 Food Production and Operations 
  • HOS 205 Customer Service Management 
  • HOS 230 Hospitality Internship I 
  • HOS 301 Resort Management 
  • HOS 305 Tourism 
  • HOS 310 Lodging Operations II 
  • HOS 315 Beverage Management and Appreciation 
  • HOS 401 Food and Beverage Management 
  • HOS 410 Tourism Development 
  • HOS 430 Hospitality Internship II 
  • HOS 435 Hospitality Strategy