Pre-Health Profession Advising - Biomedical Research

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences

Pre-Health Profession Advising - Biomedical Research
Biomedical research includes the study of the processes of life, the prevention and treatment of disease, and the genetic and environmental factors related to disease and health.

For those of you more interested in the basic science used in the health professions, a career as a biomedical researcher is an exciting choice. Biomedical researchers need a PhD degree obtained by attending graduate school after earning a Bachelor's degree. Some biomedical researchers earn both their medical degree and a PhD (MD-PhDs). Additionally, experience in biomedical research is very helpful in preparing for any health related careers.

At the University of the Virgin Islands, the Emerging Caribbean Scientists Program provides opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research both during the academic year and during the summer. Students interested in biomedical research careers are encouraged to consider applying for the MARC and RISE programs.