Timeline for Applying to Medical School

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences

Pre-Health Profession Advising - Timeline for Applying for Medical School

Summer after sophomore year

  • Take an MCAT preparation workshop
  • Start an intensive program to study for the MCAT which you will continue until you take the MCAT
  • Buy the book Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) available from the AAMC or Amazon.com

Junior Year

  • January
    • Apply to the AAMC Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to lower fees associated with applying to medical school.
    • Register for the MCAT.
  • February
    • Start preparing your AMCAS application
    • Start researching medical schools to apply to (you want a list of about 10)
  • March
    • Get letters of evaluation from individuals
    • Arrange with the pre-health advisor to start the process of getting a composite letter of evaluation
    • Start preparing your personal statement
  • April
    • Take the MCAT.
  • May and June
    • Finish your AMCAS application
  • June
    • Submit your AMCAS application
  • July, August
    • Prepare and submit secondary applications
    • Prepare for medical school interviews

Senior Year

  • Go to medical school interviews
  • Decide which medical school offer you will accept