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Applied Computer Science Technology Certificate

The Applied Computer Science Technology Certificate (ACS Tech) provides practical knowledge and experience to ensure success for entry level tech-related employment requiring essential software, hardware, operating systems, and networking skills. ACS Tech is a two-semester, accelerated program that is ideally-suited for non-traditional and part-time students: 3 courses and 8 credit hours the first semester; 2 courses and 7 credit hours the second semester. A virtual laboratory allows students to apply ACS Tech concepts in an authentic hands on environment. Course concepts and the virtual lab can be extended as an optional preparation for relevant, industry-recognized credentials (e.g., CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Certified Professional, Linux LPI Certification). Should a student choose to continue with a two-year or four-year degree, eleven (11) credit hours from the ACS Tech program may be transferred to satisfy elective or required courses.

Students must complete the following fifteen (15) credits with a passing grade in each course.

Required courses

Pre-requisites, Co-Requisites


CSC 110 Introductory Programming and Problem Solving



CSC 235 ACS Technology Virtual Lab

Co-requisite: CSC 110 or CSC 117


CSC 241 Computer Architecture

Co-requisites: CSC 110 or CSC 117


CSC 243 Digital Communications and Networks

Co-requisites: CSC 110 or CSC 117


CSC 255 Operating System Deployment Best Practices

Pre-requisites: CSC 235 ACS Tech Virtual Lab, CSC 241 or CSC 243




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Dean (Interim) Michelle Petersen, Ph. D .
Department Chair Marc Boumedine, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator Professor Timothy Kentopp, MCSE, CEH
Administrative Assistant