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Data Science Certificate

The certificate program enables students with a degree or equivalent work experience to add data science to their skill set offering, making them more valuable to their current employer or more attractive to potential employers. The certificate provides practical knowledge and hands-on experience to prepare for entry-level data science or analytics employment. The certificate will prepare students to support an analytics team in identifying, building, and evaluating models. The courses include curriculum developed with practitioners, many of whom offer hands-on training opportunities to ensure students learn skills that support workforce needs.

Students must complete the following twelve to thirteen (12-13) credits with a passing grade in each course.

Data Science:



A. Required core data science courses. The student is required to take these courses.

SCI/CSC 230 Data Science I

MAT 140 or MAT 143 or for students with higher standing any other higher level math course


CSC/IST/SCI 435 Data Science II

SCI/CSC230, MAT 235 or MAT 245 or DSC 325


B. The student must choose one of the following courses [statistics component]

MAT 235 Introductory Statistics with Applications

MAT 140 or 143 or satisfactory scores on department diagnostic examinations.


MAT 245 Statistics for the Life Sciences

MAT 143


DSC 325 Statistics for Management Decisions

MAT 232, IST 210


C. A data science related project completed in one of the following courses. This course is to be taken in the last semester.

** xxx495 Directed Independent Research


MAT 499 Independant Study

BUS 499 Independant Study



** A data science related project completed must be approved by faculty with the Department Chairs responsible for ensuring that projects relate to data science.

For More Information Contact
Title Name
Dean (Interim) Michelle Petersen, Ph. D .
Department Chair Marc Boumedine, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator Michelle Petersen, Ph. D .
Administrative Assistant Marlene Parrott-Gokool OEK Campus (STT)
Julene Chapman AAS Campus (STX)