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Employee Relations

The Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development serves as the Employee Relations Officer for the University.  Human Resources Business Partners are also available on the Albert A. Sheen and St. Thomas campuses to assist with consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues. Employee Relations assists in communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of University policies and procedures.

 What Employee Relations Does to Help Supervisors and Employees:

  • Provides counsel and advice to supervisors and employees regarding employment-related inquiries.
  • Assists in the interpretation of University policies and procedures.
  • Provides confidential consultation.
  • Advises employees regarding their employment rights.
  • Facilitates dialogue on employee/employer issues.

Crisis Intervention/Dispute Resolution
There are times when Managers and Supervisors are unable to resolve a dispute by reaching an appropriate compromise. When disputes arise between employees and/or employee and supervisor which cannot be settled among the parties involved, a third party may be useful in sitting in on the meeting. The third party acts as a mediator; encouraging both parties to seek a compromise mutually acceptable.

The parties should observe the following guidelines:

  • Come to the table with an open mind.
  • Focus on the issue at hand.
  • Be prepared to compromise (you will not always get everything you ask for).
  • Respect each other as persons.
  • Maintain your calm.
  • Recognize that to solve a situational problem you must deal with the people problems.
  • Be aware of how your own attitude, actions and reactions contribute to the continuation of the problem.

There are times when counseling is needed to assist troubled employees. For short-term counseling please contact the Employee Assistance Program at 1-888-371-1125.

Please reference the HR Policy Manual.

Progressive Discipline
Please reference the HR Policy Manual.

Please reference the HR Policy Manual.