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The University of the Virgin Islands has established a mechanism that would allow all University personnel and students the opportunity to have their complaints and disputes, which are or are not grieveable, as Grievances are defined by the University's Employee Policy Manual and Faculty Policy Manual, addressed through a process of voluntary mediation. The In-house Mediation Program is designed as an avenue for conflict resolution that is not intended to and does not replace the established University grievance policy and procedures.

UVI is committed to promoting a safe and collegial workplace in which productivity is enhanced through a strategic approach to service, accountability and cross-functionality. The In-house Mediation Program is provided with the hope that collegiality, good will and reason will prevail in circumstances and situations to enhance the productivity of all University personnel and students, and to improve overall respect, responsiveness and commitment to each other.

Dr. Haldane Davies (a certified mediator and certified PULSE Professional Learning Leader) will be available for technical support and advice if needed at ext. 1004 or

We look forward to your participation in this program, as may be necessary, and trust that it will go a long way in addressing the workplace conflicts that may arise as we all seek to fulfill the UVI mission. Thank you for your continued support in the advancement of the University.

More information on the UVI Mediation Program is available from this link: