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The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) is pleased to announce that it has received a $30,000 gift from Thriving Charity Advocates (TCA), a professional fundraising organization and Economic Development Commission beneficiary on St. Thomas. The gift will be used to support the University’s music program, specifically to enhance the recording capabilities of UVI’s recording studio. 

Designed to engage students deeply with music and the arts, UVI’s music program prepares graduates to teach in the K-12 education system, with specializations available in piano, voice, steel pan, percussion, and various woodwind or brass instruments. In addition to offering a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, UVI also offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Performance, and a Music Industry Certificate to provide students with training to become audio engineers and successful entrepreneurs in the music business. Acclaimed jazz musician Dion Parson directs the program, bringing his expertise and vision to ensure that students are exposed to a broad spectrum of musical knowledge. 

“The UVI Music Program is extremely grateful for the donation from TCA. They have been consistent in supporting our efforts to build our music program, specifically our recording studio,” said Dion Parson, UVI chair of the Communication and Performing Arts Department. “Through their generous donation, we are much further along and are now able to have small recording sessions in our music building. We hope to be able to expand our recording capabilities by the end of Spring 2024.”  

In addition to donating to UVI, Thriving Charity Advocates, which has deep ties to the music entertainment industry, has also supported Partners for Strings Inc., which runs a free after-school youth orchestra program for children aged six to 17 on St. Thomas and St. Croix. TCA serves as a boutique brokerage of opportunities to connect artists, tours, and live events with nonprofit organizations. 

“Thriving Charity Advocates is passionate about making music accessible to young people. We are honored to offer this gift in support of the growth and creativity of these talented students. We are deeply impressed with the quality of UVI’s music program, its visionary approach, and the positive impact it is having on the entire St. Thomas community,” said Lauryl Knowles, Director of Operations and Compliance at TCA. 

Knowles; Kristine Galgay, TCA contract specialist; and Marjorie Roberts, Founding Attorney for Majorie Rawls Roberts, PC Attorneys at Law; presented the check on Dec. 7, in UVI’s Music Building on the Orville E. Kean Campus on St. Thomas. During the event, TCA got a glimpse of planned upgrades to the music suite and met faculty, including Dr. Austin Oting Har, a new faculty member who will be teaching Music Industry in the Spring. To learn more about UVI’s Music Program, visit www.uvi.edu.   


For more information, contact the UVI Public Relations Office at pr@uvi.edu.