UVI Research and Technology Park

Pricing Policy

Effective July 18, 1997 - Revised August 1, 2003

The following prices apply to any individual, organization, partnership, association, corporation, or other entity, including any utility, the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Government of the United States, any department, agency, board, authority, independent instrumentality, institution or commission of such governments, and any officer or governing or managing body of any of the foregoing; except that requests from any faculty, staff, department, or instrumentality of the University of the Virgin Islands shall be granted a discount of twenty-five percent (25%), and requests from any student or student organization shall be granted a discount of fifty percent (50%). The CDC may provide discounts to data providers by written agreement.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the Conservation guarantees the delivery of products within ten (10) working days of the order. Delivery in excess of 10 working days will be charged at half price. Rush orders (delivery in five or less days) are charged at twice the stated rate.

Hourly charges for products and services are adjusted at half-hour increments. Any fraction of a half-hour is adjusted to be charged for the full half-hour. All work performed by CDC Reservists shall be billed according to the individual Reservist's rates.

Unless otherwise provided by written agreement, payment shall be made upon receipt of data, products or services.

Payment shall be made in one of the following forms: interdepartmental requisition, government requisition, certified check; business check; personal check or money order. No cash shall be accepted for any products, services or data provided by the Conservation Data Center. Upon written demonstration of hardship, the CDC may reduce or waive the fees for products and services.