UVI Research and Technology Park

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL)

PLTL for Foundations Mathematics Courses

The National Science Foundation (NSF) HBCU-UP grant has developed techniques to provide a strong foundation for incoming UVI STEM students that meets both the needs of the incoming freshman student, and the needs of the STEM curriculum. One comprehensive approach includes adding PLTL workshops as part of the University's foundations mathematics courses.


PLTL  was first implemented through a pilot program and then by creating special sections of the University's two-semester sequence of  Math Foundations courses (MAT 023 & 024 - Intro Algebra Concept Skills I & II). These sections were specifically designed for students in STEM majors. Students in these courses will spend three 50-minute classes per week with an instructor and will use the fourth class for PLTL workshops. Beginning in the Fall 2013, this approach has been expanded to every MAT 023 & 024 section on St. Thomas and St. Croix so that each will contain PLTL workshops to complement the courses. 

STEM students are highly encouraged to participate in PLTL workshops as this will form a learning community who will support each other throughout their undergraduate program.

Peer Leaders

We are currently searching for qualified and highly motivated students to become peer leaders for PLTL. Interested students must be knowledgeable of algebra concepts. Tutoring and/or mentoring experience is preferred. For more information, send an email to ecs@uvi.edu.