UVI Research and Technology Park



Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) is an essential component of the university. We provide data internally to support data-driven decision making. Additionally, IRP provides data externally by completing mandated federal and accrediting body reports, as well as, providing data for our stakeholders in standard and ad hoc reports.


Our clients are administrators, faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, federal and regulating bodies and the community. On an individual basis, we provide students an opportunity to develop research projects for classroom use.


We are dedicated to meeting your data needs by delivering an extensive range of services through the IRP web site, by offering online, telephone and fax inquiry services. We will make available as many resources as possible in convenient electronic formats or in a format, that best meets your needs.

  • Provide leadership in data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Provide timely and accurate information to internal and external constituents
  • Provide data in compliance for IPEDS and Middle States Commission of Higher Education
  • Provide comparative data for UVI
  • Provide assistance in defining research needs


We are committed to respecting the rights of our Clients:

  • the right to access services
  • the right to lodge a complaint
  • the right to privacy and confidentiality
  • the right to see information


To fulfill our service guarantee to you we are committed to having a well trained and supportive staff. To develop and maintain an open and accountable atmosphere that is fair and reasonable in dealing with our clients.

We will provide you with quality service by:

  • Providing you with courteous, responsive service
  • Working with you to help you delineate your data requirements
  • Recognizing that clients have different needs and personalizing your services
  • Providing you clear, accurate, timely and relevant data
  • Being clear and helpful in our communications with you, giving reasons for our decisions
  • Respect the confidentiality of students, faculty, staff and personnel when releasing data
  • Using data only in accordance with the law; all employees sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Referring inquiries to an appropriate source when we cannot provide an answer
  • Presenting our responses to inquiries in a timely manner provided on the query
  • Ensure that our web site is user-friendly

In delivering our services, we promise to honor the University's "Top Seven" Service Promises:

To smile

To greet everyone we meet

To know our jobs

To treat your concern as our concern

To follow up on queries in a timely manner

To treat our co-workers as we would our customers

Remember that communication and common courtesy matters to delivering service

For more information about Institutional Research & Planning, please see our Service Charter.