UVI Research and Technology Park

Current Projects

The University of the Virgin Islands is pursuing a total of nine projects which were approved by the US Department of Education in the 2017-2022 Title III Part B Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and the 2020-25 Part F CDP

 Below, each project is described.

  • Capacity for Greatness-This activity includes renovating the library on the St. Croix campus, upgrading the Enterprise Resource Planning system to the newest hardware and software platform, and replicating systems in the Cloud to enhance accessibility and ensure faster post-disaster recovery.
  • Post Award Grant Capacity Enhancement-This proposal is intended to streamline and improve the post-award function at the institution, thereby enhancing the institution’s ability to attract and effectively utilize grant funds.
  • Childhood Learning Laboratory-Housed within the School of Education, this project incorporates the development of an on-campus after-school center that will provide a laboratory for elementary and early childhood education pre-service teachers to apply cutting-edge educational research methodologies.
  • Institutionalizing Goal 2A of Pathways to Greatness- This activity is a student services project that seeks to increase retention, persistence, graduation rates and student success through the realization of Goal 2A of the Strategic Plan—Pathways to Greatness.  This goal states:  UVI will produce graduates who are academically excellent, globally sensitive, entrepreneurially focused, emotionally and spiritually balanced, and willing to serve the world.  It will incorporate self-actualization methodologies to enhance the probabilities of success for students.
  • Development of a Fine Arts Department—This project will expand the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to initiate Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts majors.
  • Developing a Computer Kiosk Program at the University of the Virgin Islands—This project is intended to facilitate installation of laptop and tablet checkout kiosks, as well as print kiosks, in enclosed areas around both campuses of UVI to allow students access to resources at any time.
  • Introducing an Associate of Applied Science in Renewable Energy—An innovative activity that involves the development of a new Associates Degree program in Renewable Energy Technology that will offer students training in basic electrical engineering concepts, renewable energy technologies, and installing and repairing photovoltaic (PV) systems.
  • Developing a Business and Innovation Instructional Research Center—This activity provides salary support for a full-time Instructional Director at a new facility that is intended to bring together students, faculty, researchers and businesses in a dynamic and innovative learning space.
  • Developing a Certificate Program in Biomedical Laboratory Research—Headquartered on the AAS Campus of UVI, this project provides for the development of a certificate program that will offer practical knowledge and experience to ensure success in entry-level employment in the field of biomedical science.