The UVI Title III Part B and Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) grant programs are headquartered in the Title III Project Administration office. UVI President, Dr. David Hall, serves as the Principal Investigator for both programs, while day-to-day administrative functions are fulfilled by the Title III Coordinator and the Administrative Specialist in the Title III office. The President is responsible for determining which project proposals will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Development Plan for each grant program, which is submitted to the Department of Education every five years. The President also makes the final determination regarding those proposals that will be put forward to the Department of Education for use of Carry Forward Funds, if they had not previously been included specifically in the plan.

The Administrative Specialist provides administrative support for the Title III office, maintaining office and project files, maintaining records of federal assets purchased with Title III Part B and SAFRA funds, administering purchases for the unit and for Title III and SAFRA-funded projects.

The Title III Coordinator administers the UVI Title III, Part B and SAFRA grant programs, managing the grant application process, ensuring the allowability of all purchases utilizing Title III Part B and SAFRA grant funds, and serving as the liaison between the US Department of Education/Office of Institutional Services and the University of the Virgin Islands.

The Vice Provost for Research and Public Service provides oversight for the UVI Title III and SAFRA programs, while supervising the staff of the Title III Project Administration office. The Vice Provost also works in collaboration with the President to develop and implement an Executive institutional strategy for the Title III Part B and SAFRA programs in the short and long term and is charged with developing a sustainability plan for all existing and future Title III Part B and SAFRA programs.

The responsibility for day-to-day operation of the various projects approved for Title III or SAFRA funding is that of the Activity Directors. Each Activity Director is expected to coordinate all activities related to his/her project, prepare all progress and other applicable reports that may be required, and ensure that his/her project achieves its goals and objectives while operating in a manner that is consistent with applicable rules and guidance . The Title III Policies and Procedures Manual  provides an abbreviated version of the rules and guidance, along with UVI-specific policies and procedures to assist Activity Directors and staff in administering and implementing the Title III program.