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Online Self Screening

Free Online Mental Health Screenings for UVI St. Croix Students

Have you ever wondered if you are moving toward depression or post-traumatic stress syndrome, worried about whether your alcohol use is too much or wrestled with eating disorders issues and don't know where to turn? Now we have an anonymous, on-line tool for you that is fast, anonymous, and designed to give you information and helpful resources.

Follow this direct link (http://www.mentalhealthscreening.org/screening/UVI) to complete as many screenings as you would like in the privacy of your residence. The results are quick and anonymous. Resources to help you are available at the site. For more help contact Patricia Towal, Counselor, St. Croix campus, by calling 340-692-4187 for confidential counseling services. Our counseling services are free for UVI students.

Free Online Mental Health Screenings for UVI St. Thomas Students

When does worry become depression? When does casual drinking become a problem with alcohol? Is anxiety over everyday things normal? These are the kinds of questions many college students wrestle with. The best thing anyone can do is get information and remove doubt. That way we either attain peace of mind or know that we need to take positive action to remedy the situation.

Now there's an easy way to learn more about your mental health. You can take a FREE screenings by clicking on http://www.mentalhealthscreening.org/screening/uvithomas The results are quick and anoymous. You have nothing to lose and, possibly, your mental health to gain. For more help contact Dahlia Stridiron, Counseling Supervisor at (340) 693-1136. Our counseling services are free for all students.