It is helpful to make your course disability friendly. You may consider announcing at the beginning of each semester, “students who have Letters of Accommodation from Student with Disability Services, please see me during my office hours.” You may also consider using your course syllabus to welcome students with disabilities while inviting them to meet with you to discuss their academic needs. For example, a paragraph may contain the following information:

“If disability related accommodations are needed in this class, if you wish to share medical emergency information, or if special assistance may be needed in the event of an evacuation, please inform me immediately by seeing me after class or visiting my office.”

Sometimes, students may request accommodations without providing a Letter of Accommodation from Student with Disability Services/ Counseling Services. To protect yourself, students, and UVI, please insist students present official letters address to you from Student with Disability Services/ Counseling Services. In addition, remember Students are usually the best experts of their own disabilities; it is okay to inquire how you may be able to provide further assistance if necessary.

Student with Disability Services and LAP may be contacted at:

St. Croix Campus:

Mrs. Patricia Towal
Phone: (340) 692-4187

Dr. Lucia DiMeo, Campus Psy.
Phone: (340) 692-4223

St. Thomas Campus:

Mrs. Verna Rivers
Phone: (340) 693-1087

Ms. Williams
Phone: (340)693-1134