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Student Activities

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The University, through its various components, offers avenues for student expression and involvement from the arts to athletics.  Every full-time student is encouraged to join at least one club, committee or organization, attend and support programs and activities sponsored by Student Affairs, and equally as important, support programs planned by fellow students and the Student Government Association.

The mission of the Student Activities Office is to complement the academic program of studies and enhance the overall learning experience of students through the development of, exposure to and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, student governance and recreational programs

The Student Activities office serves you in the following way:

  1. Assumes major responsibility for the implementation of student’s activities.
  2.  Serves as facilitator the development of clubs and organizations in response to student needs and interests
  3. Has responsibility for programming and coordinating student activities on campus
  4. Provides administrative and technical support and advisory services to individuals and groups interested in planning activities.