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Student Housing Rules

The University maintains residence halls on both the St. Thomas and St. Croix Campuses. It is the mission of the Student Housing Office to provide an atmosphere both conducive to learning and comfortable for all students on campus. Only full time students can reside in the residence halls! On line applications should be submitted to the Student Housing Office accompanied by a housing reservation deposit of $100.00 U.S. either by certified personal check, money order or credit card. The housing reservation deposit is applied towards payment of room and board charges. Cancellations must be made three (3) weeks prior to the opening of the residence halls. No refund of the reservation deposit will be made for cancellation after this date. All assignments to a residence hall or room type will be made in accordance with the availability of space. Receipt of a Housing Application does not guarantee housing. A room assignment will be complete ONLY after: (1) a completed Housing Application and reservation deposit have been submitted; (2) a Room Assignment Notice has been issued by the Student Housing Office; and (3) the student has checked into the residence halls before the end of the regular registration period. 

Opening and Closing of the Halls

Students may not move into or return to the residence halls earlier than the designated opening time and date posted by the Student Housing Office each semester. The residence halls and cafeteria are closed during the Christmas Recess period. At the close of each semester, students are required to vacate their room by noon of the day following their last final examination, or whichever comes first.

Emergency Closing

In the event of a hurricane or other disaster, the University may have to suspend or cancel classes. The University may also close the residence halls and require all on-campus residents to vacate the halls.


All fees are due and payable in accordance with established University policy, and the current published schedule of fees. A refundable fee is collected at registration as a Property and Key Deposit and may be refunded after the student transfers, withdraws or graduates from the University. Students are entitled to a refund if no claims are made for lost keys, property damages or University property not returned to the institution by the student. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Student Housing Office of the Division of Student Affairs.

The University requires full payment of room and board fees prior to the date of check-in. In the event of withdrawal from the University, or termination of the housing contract, the refund of room and board fees will be prorated according to the University’s schedule of refunds as stated in the catalog.

Fire Hazard/No Smoking Policy

The University strictly enforces its policy of no smoking in the residence halls. It is also prohibited to burn incense and use candles in the residence halls. This policy extends to all buildings on campus. The danger of fire is a major concern of the University, therefore the possessions and/or use of any type of cooking appliance is prohibited in the residence hall. This includes all types of electrical ovens, hot plates, electric fryers, microwaves, crock pots, or any and all cooking equipment for the preparation of or heating of foods. When found in students’ rooms, 6he appliances described will be removed by authorized staff and the violators’ housing contract may be canceled. Residents found cooking in the residence hall will be subject to immediate cancellation of the housing contract.

All on campus residents are required to respond to fire drills in the residence halls. Fire drill exercises are conducted for the benefit and safety of students and staff. Students who refuse to respond to and/or participate in fire drill exercises may be subject to immediate disciplinary action and may forfeit their housing contract. Students are prohibited from tampering with, misusing, abusing, or altering any safety equipment or device, including but not limited to, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. on or about campus. Violators will face disciplinary action which may result in forfeiture of the housing contract and expulsion from the University.

Drugs/Alcohol Policy

The University prohibits the manufacture, possession, cultivation, distribution and/or selling of any illegal drug or narcotic while on or about University premises. Violators of this policy are subject to immediate dismissal from the University pending due process proceedings. Students shall not store, possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the residence halls. Violators of this policy are subject to immediate cancellation of the housing contract.