M.A. Educational Leadership Program Advising and Graduation Requirements

School of Education
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Graduation Requirements

Individual courses are aligned with the standards for the National Educational Leadership Program (NELP) and the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP).  These standards ensure that the program represents a synthesis of content and experiences that result in the students’ demonstration of the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for success as transformative educational leaders, not only in managing schools, but also in improving student achievement and addressing the safety needs of students and adults at the school site.  

The program is offered in 8 weeks’ format via UVI Online.  There are five start dates in the calendar year – January, March, May, August, and October.    

The program candidate is eligible to apply for graduation upon the completion of the following courses: 

Course Number Course Titles Credits
GSS 5000  Graduate Student Success 1
EDL 5050 Introduction to Pre-K-12 Leadership  3
EDL 5120 Educational Research and Evaluation 3
EDL 5150

Technology Leadership

EDL 5200  School Law and Ethics 3
EDL 5250 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 3
EDL 5300 Psychology of Diverse Learners    3
EDL 5350 Leadership for Inclusive Education 3
EDL 5400 Finance and Operations Management 3
EDL 5450 School, Family and Community Engagement 3
EDL 5500 Leadership for School Improvement 3
EDL 5550  Internship I - 180 clock hours  3
EDL 5560 Internship II - 120 clock hours  2
EDL 5600 Comprehensive Examination 0
Total Credits   36

The guidelines and administration date for the comprehensive examination are available from the School of Education. Students who fail two retakes of the comprehensive exam will be dismissed from the program.