Professional class instruction

School of Business - Values and Expectations

The School of Business aspires to be a memorable experience for students, faculty, staff, administrators and all the constituents we touch. The essence of the School of Business experience emanates from a foundation of core values and expectations that are distinctive only in the passion and sincerity in which they are held. The critical elements of our core values are:

Teaching and Learning
We believe that every School of Business student is entitled to the very best teaching experience that available resources can provide to promote and foster learning. The teaching experience will include the array of methodologies and modalities that are stimulating, engaging and relevant to the unique needs of individual students. To that end, the School of Business will utilize its resources to ensure that only the best qualified and equipped faculty enters its classrooms and to provide the appropriate support that supplements any identifiable deficiencies. The focus of these inputs will be on learning, not merely from an academic viewpoint but from a longer term perspective that students will learn how to learn and be independent discoverers and creators of knowledge. Learning will be reciprocal, occurring simultaneously along student and faculty dimensions. Faculty will learn through research and direct feedback from students on how to make the teaching-learning experience memorable.

Student Success

We are committed to promoting and celebrating student success without sacrificing quality. Faculty will help students set and work towards realistic goals and create the environment that facilitates and nurtures a commitment to success.

Student Employability and Social Responsibility

We are committed to ensuring that on completing their program of studies, students will have the knowledge, abilities and skills that will increase their employability and awareness of their obligations to their societies through volunteerism and service.

Preparation for Graduate Studies and Lifelong Learning
We are committed to laying a durable foundation for graduate studies and incubating the value of lifelong learning in an expanding climate of global commerce and competition.

Advisement and Mentorship
We believe that the best route to student success is prudent and timely counsel supported by consistent mentorship. The School is committed to adopting the best approaches to student advisement relevant to our student profile and needs. Where necessary, the School of Business will establish mentorship experiences for students who are at-risk.

Quality Service
We are committed to providing the best service possible to students, faculty, staff and all our constituents. To that end the School of Business will have a clear idea of whom its constituents are and develop and adopt acceptable standards of service expressed in a service charter.

We will foster a commitment to professionalism by example as well as by adopting standards applicable to students, faculty and staff. The School of Business will inculcate punctuality, organization, competence, and a commitment to excellent quality in all activities. To this end, the School of Business will invest in a development program for faculty and staff so that they can in turn provide effective models for students.

Ethical Practices
We are committed to promoting deeply rooted ethical awareness and practice in students, faculty and staff. The standards and expectations will be established through discussion and reinforced at every level irrespective of rank or position.

We are committed to transparency in all activities that do not violate right to privacy of students, faculty and staff. To that end all constituents will have the opportunity to view and comment on relevant Divisional information in a timely manner.

Data Driven Decision Making
We are committed to a process of decision-making founded on quantitative and qualitative data. The data may be secured periodically from environmental scans, and internal and external assessments of activities, systems and processes.