Student looking out of a telescope


College of Science and Mathematics
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Associate of Science in Physics

Major Program Skills: The program at UVI follows a rigorous curriculum that will allow them to pursue a BS in Physics, complete a BS in Chemistry degree, an engineering degree or employment upon graduation. 

  • Theoretical skills: Newtonian mechanics (linear and rotational), electricity, magnetism, optics, sound, relativity, quantum mechanics, and thermodynamics
    • Benchmark courses: PHY 241-242 and/or PHY 311 and/or PHY 321
    • Proficiency at all levels is measured using lecture exams and laboratory reports.
  • Laboratory skills: measurement, data analysis, linking lecture material to laboratory measurement, reporting results.
    • Benchmark courses: PHY 242-242 L and PHY 350
    • Proficiency is measured by laboratory reports
  • Communication skills: oral scientific communication and written scientific communication.
    • Benchmark courses: PHY 241-242 L and PHY 350