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Parking Plan

The University of the Virgin Islands Parking Advisory Committee (UPAC) was charged by President David Hall to develop and implement a comprehensive parking plan. The University of the Virgin Islands Parking Advisory Committee is comprised of members from Campus Operations, Security, Physical Plant, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Faculty, Staff and Student Representatives. The University of the Virgin Islands Board of Trustees (BOT) approved the parking plan in June 2013. The University Parking Plan will be administered by the Security Department.

 Objectives of the Parking Program:

  • Improve parking safety on campus.
  • Designate parking areas for effective utilization of available spaces relative to parking demand.
  • Implement improvements to parking lots, lighting upgrades, installation of surveillance cameras and blue light phones.
  • Expand shuttle program on the St. Thomas Campus.


  • Vehicle registration is mandatory for vehicles allowed to park on the campuses.
  • Students are required to register their vehicles at the start of each semester. 
  • Annual renewal for faculty and staff is required in January. 
  • Temporary permits will be issued to visitors.
  • Vehicle registration can be processed online.   
  • Parking permits are issued by the UVI Security Department on respective campuses.

Parking Plan Documents

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