If error messages are encountered during online registration, you should email the Registration Form to  so that the course(s) are added to your schedules. Click on Common Registration Error

It is not too early to start setting up appointments with academic advisors.  Information on academic advisor assignments will be available from the Registrar's Office or from the dean's office in your College/School from September.  

Online Registration for Returning Students:  Returning student registration for the fall 2021 semester is ongoing. Continuing students may register online via the MyCampus network and BanWeb application.

Late registration for the fall 2021 semester ends Friday, August 13th.

To register online:

  1. See Advisor for approval of course selections.  
  2. Obtain (PIN) number from Advisor.
  3. Log on to
  4. In the launch pad on the left, click on Banweb to register.
Print your class schedule, by selecting Student Schedule by Day and Time or Student Detail Schedule. For further information, click Instructions for BanWeb Registration

 FALL  2021

Start Date

End Date

Banweb Registration

April 5

August 6

New Student Registration

August 9

August 13

Late Registration

August 12

August 13

Add/Drop Period

August 16

August 20

Classes Begin

August 16

November 29

Start of Withdrawal (WD)

August 23

October 13

Start of Administrative Withdrawal (AW)

October 14

November 29

Final Exams

November 29

December 4


Start Date End Date
Banweb Registration
October 21
December 15
New Student Registration
January 4
January 8
Late Registration
January 8
January 8
Classes Begin
January 11
May 8
Add/Drop Period
January 11
January 15
January 18
Start of Withdrawal (WD) 
January 19
March 17
Start of Administrative Withdrawal (AW) w/Dean's Permission
March 18
May 8
Final Exams
May 3
May 8

SUMMER I - 2021

Start Date End Date
BanWeb Registration (Summer Sessions I & II)
March 22 May 12
Classes Begin May 17 June 21
Add/Drop Period
May 17
May 18
Start of Withdrawal (WD)  May 20 May 24
Start of Administrative Withdrawal (AW) w/Dean's Permission May 25 June 21
Last Day of Classes June 21
Final Grade Submission June 23


Start Date End Date
Classes Begin June 24 July 30
Add/Drop June 24 June 25
Emancipation Day Recess July 2 UNIVERSITY CLOSED
Independence Day Recess July 5 UNIVERSITY CLOSED
Start of Withdrawal (WD)  June 29 July 1
Start of Administrative Withdrawal (AW) w/Dean's Permission July 6 July 30
Last Day of Classes July 30
Final Grade Submission August 2

Institutional Refund Policy: In order to receive a refund of tuition students must complete the University's withdrawal form and officially withdraw from all classes during the first four weeks of the semester. (see Undergraduate Catalog  2018-2020, page 39).  Thereafter, no refund is available. Fees are non-refundable.

Fall 2021 Spring 2021 Summer I - 2021
Summer II - 2021
90% August 16-20       
90% January 11 - 15
90%  May 17-18
90% June 24-25
70% August  23-27     
70%  January 18 - 22
50%  May 19-20
50% June 28-29
50 % August 30 - September 4   
50 % January 25 - 29
25%  May 21-24
25%  June 30-July 1
25% September 6-10
25%  February 1- 5
  • All prerequisites listed in the catalog must be met by ALL students prior to registration. Prerequisites refer to courses, examinations, or other conditions students must meet and receive passing grades before registering for any of the follow-up courses. Students should familiarize themselves with course prerequisites which are listed in the course description section of the catalog.
Graduate Students
  • Prospective graduate students must submit an application to the Admissions Office by the advertised deadline to register for up to 9 credits.  They must be admitted to continue in the program.  Students holding a Masters Degree from another institution may enroll for 15 credits. 
  • Non-Matriculated Graduate Students wishing to register full-time in the graduate program (9 or more credits) must seek permission from the Dean, prior to registration.
Credit Load
  • The University of the Virgin Islands makes no distinction between a degree earned through day or evening study. Accordingly, the degree candidate enrolling should become familiar with the degree requirements, academic standards and procedures stated in the University catalog. Any registration for more than 16.5 credits is considered an overload and must be approved by the faculty advisor and the Dean.
Changes to Course Offerings
  • Courses with less than 10 students are subject to cancellation by the University. It may also be necessary for UVI to revise the schedule because of additions, deletions or corrections. Changes will be posted on the class schedule.
  • ACADEMIC INFORMATION AND REGULATIONS for Graduation:  (see Undergraduate Catalog  2018-2020, page 66-67).
English Proficiency Exam (EPE)
Computer Literacy Exam (CLE)
  • Undergraduate students who matriculated in Fall 1994 or later are required to pass the Computer Literacy Exam before accumulating 24 credit hours at UVI. New students are advised to register for and take the exam during the first two semesters at UVI.  Learn more about the Computer Literacy Exam and test dates. .
Payment Information
Financial Aid
  • All Financial Aid/Scholarship Recipients may begin to authorize payment from July 15, 2019 through TBA
  • Any courses not paid by 3:30 p.m. on (TBA) will be canceled. Students whose classes are canceled for non-payment will be able to register only during late registration. An additional $75 will be charged.

Interpretation of Class Schedule Codes

 ADL Asynchronous Distance Learning
Distance Learning
ONL / ON / O / OL
IND Independent Study
Hybrid Courses (Student will at times meet on Campus as indicated by the instructor).
Z ZOOM (Student will meet using computer video technology, zoom meeting number will be provided)
ZH ZOOM/HYBRID (Students will meet on Campus as indicated by instructor and also use computer video technology, zoom meeting number will be provided)
Weekday Abbreviations
  • M - Monday
  • T - Tuesday
  • W - Wednesday
  • R - Thursday
  • F - Friday
  • S - Saturday
  • U - Sunday

Communicating with Students
  • Each UVI student is assigned an official e-mail address, your to which official communications from the Registrar's Office are sent. Students should check their UVI e-mail account regularly to receive official communications.

For more information, contact

STX: (340) 692-4103
STT: (340) 693-1151
STX: (340) 692-4193
STT: (340) 693-1090
STX: (340) 692-4158
STT: (340) 693-1160
STX: (340) 692-4160
STT: (340) 693-1437
STX: (340) 692-4162
STT: (340) 693-1561