AAS Campus

Student Code of Conduct

Students enrolled at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) are assumed to be of good moral character and are expected to exhibit acceptable standards of conduct both on and off campus. The policies and regulations of the University are based on the expectations that students will be responsible for their own behavior during their years at the University. In all cases, it is expected that students will be governed by a respect for the rights of others and for the commonly accepted standards and morals of our society. Thus, the University’s Student Code of Conduct is designed not only to maintain order but also to foster positive student development at UVI by establishing behavioral standards conducive to a higher educational learning environment.

The goals of the Student Code are:

a) To maintain order and to ensure the freedom, due process, and privacy of all members of the UVI community;

b) To maintain a way of life that is physically and psychologically healthy;

c) To provide an atmosphere in which students can achieve their educational objectives.

For a copy of the Student Code of Conduct you may contact the Offices of the Dean of Students on St. Thomas at 340-692-1120 or on St. Croix at 340-692-4000.  You may also download a copy of the Student Code of Conduct.