Office of Sponsored Programs

Proposal Preparation

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Working closely with University-area schools and departments, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports UVI investigators in their proposal preparation for external funding from finding funding opportunities through proposal submission.

Identifying Research Interests

Seeking assistance in developing your project idea? The OSP can help you refine your project idea and prepare it for submission to external sponsors.

Finding Funding

Investigators may search for funding opportunities directly or request assistance from the OSP. Our team is here to assist your funding search in several ways, from our funding opportunity distribution group, Grant Forward search tool, to individualized searches for your project. 



Notices of grant opportunities are distributed to UVI community weekly through the OSP Funding Notices Distribution Group. If you would like to receive funding notices through the OSP Funding Notices Distribution Group please follow the Distribution Group Instructions. 

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Through this applicaton you can create custom searches for over 19,000 sponsors and 78,000 funding opportunities and develop a research profile to receive personalized grant recommendations. 

In order to take advantage of all the features that GrantForward offers, you need to create an account using your UVI email address. 

  • This is a service that operates to provide information for every Federal grant opportunity. It allows searching for information on available grant opportunities using a number of criteria, including a key word search or searching by an sponsor. 
  • National Institutes of HealthYou may search for NIH funding opportunities or subscribe to the Listserv.
  • National Science Foundation You may search for funding opportunities and sign-up for notification of program announcements, discoveries, events and more. 
  • Department of Education (DOEd) You may search alphabetical list of DOEd programs.
  • NASA You may search for NASA funding opportunities.  

Have an idea or project in mind but don't know who the best fit for support is? Share your research or program idea with the OSP team. We will assist with customized searches and keep an eye out for relevant opportunities.

Proposal Development 

Consult the OSP as early as possible in the process of planning your proposal. We receive a wide variety of information from funding sources and can assist you in obtaining program guidelines, budget and proposal document templates, completing required certifiaiton forms, and tips on writing effective proposals.  



Eligibility to act as a Principal Investigator (PI), Co‐Principal Investigator (Co-PI), or Co‐Investigator (Co-I) on a sponsored project is limited to full‐time UVI faculty members, research scientist, and administratie staff at the level of Director or higher. In addition, students and postdoctoral fellows may submit applications for projects and awards requiring the student or postdoctoral fellow to be the PI. If you do not meet these qualifications and woudl like to request and exception please contact the OSP at For additional informaiton please see the PI Eliibility Procedure  

The OSP can assist you in contacting the appropriate program director for your area of interests, or for any questions regarding the status of your proposals at the pre- and post-award stages. We serve as the campus liaison to offices of federal, territory and private funding sponsors.  

Developing a budget and other proposal documents require attention to policies and regulations of your potential sponsor as well as the internal policies and procedures governing sponsored programs at UVI. Our team can assist you in this endeavor by providing tips on developing a budget which realistically reflects the costs of your proposed project, providing templates, additional guidance as needed for your submission. Please visit the Sponsored Programs: Your Resource Hub for proposal templates currently available as well as training videos. 

  1. Develop and refine your project idea.
  2. Meet with OSP to discuss your ideas and potential funding sources.
  3. Confirm you are eligible to be a Principal Investigator.
  4. Identify an funding opportunity and read it very carefully.
  5. Communicate with your Chair, Dean and/or Unit head about your project.
  6. Develop an internal timeline to meet the sponsor deadline.
  7. Contact the sponsor Program Officer and/or OSP for questions.
  8. Identify collaborators and subrecipients if needed. 
  9. Develop a budget and project narrative. Send to OSP early for review against the sponsor guidelines.
  10. Obtain peer review if you have time.
  11. Refine and finalize the draft proposal. 

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Proposal Review and Submission

Consult the OSP as early as possible in the process of planning your proposal. We receive a wide variety of information from funding sources and can assist you in obtaining program guidelines, budget and proposal document templates, completing required certifiaiton forms, and tips on writing effective proposals.  

The Office of Sponsored Programs, in concert with Principal Investigators, is responsible for submitting proposals to funding sponsors requesting support for research and other scholarly projects. This also applies to preliminary proposals or pre-applications if it: 

  • Must be submitted by the Office of Sponsored Programs,
  • Requires an Authorized Official intuitional signature,
  • Has a line item budget, or
  • Includes matching. 

Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal (NOI) 

As early as possible, investigators who have identified a funding opportunity and are contemplating submission of proposal for extramural funding must indicate this intention by completing a Notice of Intent form. This NOI will be used to coordinate resources for support of proposal submission through OSP.  All sources of cash and in-kind matches also must be disclosed on the form.  Forward all signed NOI by e-mail to The NOI form and instructions can be found in the Sponsored Programs: Your Resource Hub Sharepoint folder.  

Proposal Review and Submission 

OSP encourages investigators to send drafts early via to reveiw for compliance with sponsor guidelines and UVI policies and procedures. This helps investigators make corrections early on in the proposal preparation process. All final proposal documents are due in OSP 5 business days before sponsor deadline and must be accompanied by the Proposal Internal Routing Form. 


  • Statement of Work/Technial Proposal (required):  The Statement of Work (SOW) is a document that lists and describes all essential and technical requirements for the effort to be performed. The SOW should include the objecive and purpose, detailed work requirements, personnel requirements and anticipated reporting/deliverables. 
  • Budget and Budget Justificaiton (required):  A budget provides a sponsor with a complete financial picture of the proposed project. Budgets are reviewed by the sponsor to verify that the costs are reasonable and necessary to carry out the proposed project and that it conforms to the sponsor's instructions and format. The budget justification provides the sponsor with a rationale for the items included in the budget.  
  • Proposal Internal Routing Form (required): Form used by the OSP to obtain required internal approvals for the proposal.
  • Personnel Documents -Biosketch, Current and Pending, etc. (if required): These are needed when required by the sponsor guidelines. They must be completed using the current sponsor formats. For confirmation of the required form contact the OSP.
  • Subripient Forms (if applicable): If a subrecipient is included in the project the OSP will require a completed Subrecipient Commiment Form, Statement of Work, Budget and Budget Justification, and other documents required by the sponsor guidelines.
  • Certification and Representation Documents (if required): Some sponsors require certification and representation documents to be completed and signed by an Authorized Official. The Director of the OSP is the Authorized Official for sponsored program activities. Forward any certifications to for completion and signature.
  • Other Sponsored Required Documents (if required): The sponsor may require additional documents such as letters of support, Memoradums of Understanding, UVI institutional information/documents, etc. Our team can assist with confirming what documents are required and providing institutional documents. 
  • Submit your Notice of Intent form to OSP 10 days before the sponsor deadline. 
  • Confirm is contractors of subrecipients will be included in the project. 
  • Submit draft budget, proposal, and other sponsor required documents to OSP at as early as possible to reveiw for compliance with sponsor guidelines and UVI policies and procedures.
  • Submit final documents to OSP with the Proposal Internal Routing Form 5 business days before the sponsor deadline.
  • OSP will review documents and provide feedback. Make sure you are available to make any changes or adjustments needed for the proposal to be in compliance.
  • The routing form with final proposal documents will be routed for internal aprpovals through docusign.
  • Once approvals have been recieved OSP will confirm you are ready for submission.
  • Once confirmed OSP will submit the proposal to the sponsor. 

For additional information please review the Notice of Intent and the OSP Proposal Review and Submission procedures.