UVI Research and Technology Park

Proposal Preparation

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is available to assist you in preparing and submitting your proposal for external funding.  We encourage you to contact our office for information and support at any point in the award-seeking and proposal development process.

Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal (NOI)

As early as possible, faculty and staff members who have identified a funding opportunity and are contemplating submission of proposal for extramural funding must indicate this intention by completing a Proposal Notice of Intent (NOI) Form. This NOI will be used to coordinate resources for support of proposal submission through OSP. Please review the Notice of Intent Standard Operating Procedure for additional instructions. 

Disseminating Information about Sponsored Programs

Consult OSP as early as possible in the process of planning your proposal. We receive a wide variety of information from funding sources and can assist you in obtaining program guidelines, application kits, award lists and tips on writing effective proposals.

Liaison with External Agencies

OSP can assist you in contacting the appropriate program director for your area of interests, or for any questions regarding the status of you proposals at the pre- and post-award stages. We serve as the campus liaison to offices of federal, state and private funding agencies.

Guidance on Budget Preparation

Developing a budget requires attention to policies and regulations of your potential sponsor as well as the internal policies governing sponsored programs at UVI. We can assist you in this endeavor by providing tips on developing a budget which realistically reflects the costs of your proposed project, paying special attention to UVI negotiated indirect cost and fringe benefit calculations. OSP can answer your questions about any institutional details to be included.  Faculty may also find it helpful to view our Institutional Facts page. Additional proposal templates can be found on the Forms and Templates page.

Proposal Submission

OSP is the authorized institutionally designated central office that submits proposals prepared by UVI Principal Investigators for extramural funding requests. All proposals must be submitted in accordance with the Proposal Review adn Submission Standard Operating Procedures and must be accompanied by the proposal internal approved routing form.