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Mathematics Behind the Data Science (MBDS) Summer Bridge Program


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  Dates: May 30th to June 30th, 2023



The Mathematics Behind the Data Science (MBDS) summer bridge program is designed to enhance the mathematics preparedness of college-bound students who are interested in pursuing careers in science, data science, mathematics, engineering, technology, or medicine. Specifically, it will prepare students to enter the introductory calculus course and provide a foundation for success in that important course.

Program Description

Mathematics Behind the Data Science is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) college preparation program that serves students who  are entering 12th grade, have completed grade 12 and will enter university as freshmen in the fall, or students already attending UVI who have successfully completed MAT 024. It is intended to serve as a bridge between high school curriculum and expectations at university.

Students studies in class

The courses are designed to show students some of the ways that mathematics and data science are used in scientific contexts and to enhance the preparedness of college-bound students who are interested in pursuing STEM careers. The courses will provide a foundation for success in STEM courses in the freshman year. Mathematics is required for majors in both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Dual Degree Engineering Program); it is also required for Bachelors degrees in Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and the Associates degree in Physics.

Mathematics Behind the Data Science is a residential program. St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix students may reside in the dorms on the St. Thomas campus. The program will meet every day, Monday through Friday for five weeks in the summer (May-June).

What is the purpose?
  • To illuminate uses of mathematics and data science in the sciences and strengthen students’ ability to use computation as a problem solving tool in future careers.
  • To strengthen the mathematical proficiency of entering students, better preparing them for success in college level mathematics courses.
  • To facilitate the transition between high school performance and that expected at the university level.
  • To establish a community of learners supporting student success throughout the undergraduate years as science STEM major.
What are the components?
Kayaking field trip
  • A unique mathematics program exploring the mathematical concepts that underpin the concepts of calculus. Significant connections will be made to biology, chemistry, physics and the environment.
  • A course in data sciences and computation that will focus on introductory computer science skills and data science applications and concepts with applications to the sciences in order to prepare students for a college STEM curriculum and today's environment where computation is used in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and other related STEM disciplines.
  • A Success in STEM course to give students information that will help them to transition to college life, including seminars related to use of library, information technology, student services, and scholarship programs to support student success at UVI.
  • Career sessions conducted by practicing scientists and field trips to demonstrate mathematical modeling in the Caribbean environment.
What are the eligibility criteria?
  • Genuine interest in pursuing a program of study in science, mathematics, engineering, technology, or medicine;
  • Graduating 12th grader and resident of the Virgin Islands
  • Upcoming 12th grader and resident of the Virgin Islands
  • US Citizenship or permanent residency. International students should inquire about funding availability.
  • Acceptance into an accredited college or university (graduating 12th grader only; preference given to applicants enrolling at UVI)
  • Or already attend UVI and successfully completed MAT 024
What are the costs? Are stipends available?
There is no cost to eligible participants or their parents. Tuition, housing, and food will be provided. No stipend will be distributed.

How does one apply for admission?

The Mathematics Behind the Data Science Application is available online on this link.   A pdf version of the application form is also available for download on this link.


Brandon Rhymer, Program Coordinator
Email: b.a.rhymer@gmail.com 

Phone: 340-514-7770

Dr. Robert Stolz, Director
Email: rstolz@uvi.edu
Phone: 340-693-1231
Office: CAB 310, St. Thomas

Dr Marc Boumedine, Director
Email: mboumed@uvi.edu