The mission of the School of Education is to dedicate itself to the success of all students through its excellent teaching and to prepare competent and effective P – 12 teachers and other school professionals, including school administrators and school counselors, to function in highly complex and diverse settings and to promote academic excellence and student success in order to build a better future for individuals in the territory, the wider Caribbean and the World.


The vision of the School of Education, closely aligned to the institution’s vision, is to promote standards of excellence in education for the students and the societies that it serves and to which it is committed. Its graduates are expected to demonstrate high levels of professionalism, academic achievement, and technological competence in a diverse, complex, and ever-changing world. The unit advocates learner-centered education and faculty-scholars that utilize research to inform practice. To achieve this vision, the unit promises to ensure that:

a) its candidates and graduates are highly qualified professionals and competent;
b) its teacher candidates and other school professionals will engage in active learning experiences appropriate to the requisites of undergraduate and graduate programs;
c) the unit utilizes technologies which reflect best practices in education;
d) the unit collaborates with other units within the University to better prepare school professionals;
e) the unit develops collaborations with the Caribbean and the world and partners with the Department of Education, the Board of Education, other non-public school agencies as well as other stakeholders in the community;
f) the unit engages in best instructional practices that are student-centered and informed by scholarly research; and
g) its faculty engage in practices that would attract and retain qualified candidates in the unit.


  • Dean: Linda Thomas, Ph.D.
    • Administrative Specialist for the St. Thomas Campus:  Janet King 
    • Administrative Assistant for the Albert A. Sheen Campus:  Estica Caesar