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Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Graduates

The University of the Virgin Islands and Six Sigma by Design offered the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Program, October 22, 2018 thru October 24, 2018.  There were twenty-seven (27) participants in the program at the University of the Virgin Islands on the St. Thomas campus.  It is exciting news to confirmed that the entire cohort passed the the certification exam, certifying all as a Certified Yellow Belt in Lean SIx Sigma, backed by the International Association for Six Sigma Certifications, LLC (IASSC).  

Certified Candidates:

  1. Akima Marks
  2. Alfred Cannonier
  3. Andrew Ayala
  4. Ayesha Williams
  5. Brian Leonard
  6. Charlesworth McCarty
  7. Christa Thomas
  8. Cordell Jacobs
  9. Debra Henneman-Smith
  10. Dian Greaux-Levons
  11. Erika Callwood
  12. Gerry Simon
  13. Jeannine Bonelli
  14. Kaisa Prentice
  15. Kerwyn Augustin
  16. Laurence Blake
  17. Melene Cooper-Shelford
  18. Murile Fenton
  19. Nicole Jacobs
  20. Patrecia O'Neal
  21. Patrick Farrell
  22. Renata Christian
  23. Rodney Hendrickson
  24. Sharice Richardson
  25. Shawn Scotland
  26. Sue-Ann JohnLewis
  27. Tiffany Grosvenor-Stevens