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Coastweeks Events on St. Croix to Kick-off on Sept. 21

The Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Service (VIMAS) on St. Croix is coordinating Coastweeks events from Sept. 21. Coastweeks is a period, each fall, dedicated to increasing our awareness and understanding of the importance of our beaches and marine resources.

This year’s Coastweeks will be celebrated from Sept. 21 until Oct. 31.

The Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Service (VIMAS) will be assisting local groups, clubs and schools to organize and conduct shoreline and underwater cleanups. Cleanups are scheduled on St. Croix on the following day:

Saturday, September 21:

Dorsch Beach – 9 a.m.

Southgate Coastal Reserve – 8 a.m. (Near Cheney Bay)

Altona Lagoon - 9 a.m. Organized by the UVI Psych Club

If you would like to organize or participate in a Coastweeks event, contact Marcia Taylor at (340) 692-4046 or email