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New Communications Course to be offered for Fall 2019

The Department of Communication is offering a new course for the Fall of 2019.  COM-475 will be all about “Creative Problem Solving.” This course will help students learn how to find the real problem and how to use a variety of techniques to generate creative ideas.

Topics include Brainstorming, Brain Writing, Synectics and Ana-Logic. With a fresh new idea in hand, students will examine how do you package and communicate your new idea for all of the different audiences who need to hear about it. 

Professor Alex Randall said, “Everyone can benefit by learning how to unleash their native creativity. This is critical knowledge for every entrepreneur and anyone who hopes to achieve changes in the world.” Professor Randall taught creative problem-solving at several Universities in the past and created more than 30 innovations and inventions using these techniques. He has been a creativity consultant to business and industry for many years

For anyone interested in taking this course, it will be offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2 - 2:50 p.m. The class has no prerequisite except for instructor approval and will be offered on both campuses using video teleconference.

For more information, please contact Professor Alex Randall