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STT = St. Thomas Campus,
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

STX = Albert A. Sheen Campus,
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

STJ = St. John Academic Center,
St. John, US Virgin Islands

College of Science & Mathematics

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NameTitle & DepartmentEmail & Phone Number

Benjamin, AvonPart-time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1230
Bhola, AnthonyPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Boneque, JuanitaPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4107
Boumedine, Marc - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Computer Science and Department Chair
STT: 340-693-1255 or 340 693 1630
Boumedine, Marc - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Computer Science and Department Chair
STT: 340-693-1255 or 340 693 1630
Brandt, Marilyn E - Ph.D.Research Associate Professor of Marine and Environmental Science
Director of Masters in Marine and Environmental Sciences Program
STT: 340-693-1376
Browne, LaughtonPT - Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Buckley, Lorraine M. - Ph.DProfessor of Biology
STT: (340) 693-1457
Buxani, Neelam S - Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
STT: 340-693-1230
Caines, CarmenProfessor of Math - PT
STT: 340-693-1230
Castillo, II, Bernard F - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Chemistry
STX: 340-692-4118
Chapman, Julene S.Administrative Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4282
Cox, Michelle - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Biology
STT: 340 693-1538
Cruz-Rivera, Edwin - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Biology
STT: 340-693-1235
Cucchiara, Antonino - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Physics
STT: 340-693-1256
Cumberbatch, Jewel CLaboratory Manager/Compliance Specialist
STX: 340-692-4159
DeGain, Danielle J. - M.E.dVisiting Instructor of Mathematics
STT: (340) 693-1284
Eberhard, AlanProfessor - PT
STT: 340-693-1230
Emmanuel, CletusPart-Time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4282
Facison, CedricPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Ferguson, AlexPT Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Finney, ColinAdjunct Professor of Science
STT: 340 693 1247
Fleming, Kala - Ph.D.Visiting Scientist
STT: 340-693-1158
Foster, Bertrum S - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Mathematics
STT: 340-693-1331
Francois, Michael T. - Ph.D, LSSBBVisiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science
STX: 340-692-4278
Gaskin, Joseph - Ph,D.Assistant Professor of Mathematics
STT: 340-693-1297
Guannel, Michele L - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Bioloby
STT: 340-693-1284
Habtes, Sennai Y - Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography
STT: (340) 693-1388
Henry, Michael C - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Physics
STX: 340-692-4111
Henry, Victoria - Ph.DAssistant Professor of Applied Technology
STX: 340-692-4153
Jobsis, Paul D - Ph.D.Acting Director of the Center for Marine & Environmental Studies
Associate Professor of Biology
Research Administrator III
STT: (340) 693-1381
Joseph, EdnaPart-time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1230
Kentopp, TimothyInstructor of Computer Science
STX: 340-692-4286
Ketcham, Stuart RProfessor of Science of Bio-Chemistry
STX: 340-692-4146
STX: 340-244-2020
LaPointe III, EugenePart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Latesky, StanleyProfessor of Chemistry
STT: 340-693-1244
Luciano, Joanne - Ph.D.Professor of Computer Science
STT: 340-693-1253
Marcel-Lewis, Meria JAssistant Professor of Mathematics
STX: 340-692-4148
McCammon, Amber MAdjunct Professor - CSM
STT: 340-693-1230
McSween, Verleen K - Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
STT: 340-693-1252
Mills, TedPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Monrose Mills, Nadia M - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Mathematics
STT: 340-693-1284
Monticeux, GlenPart-time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1230
Morris, David C - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Physics
Director of the Etelman Observatory
STT: 340-693-1391
Musah, Al Hassan - Ph.D.Professor of Biology
STX: 340-692-4263
Nemeth, Donna - Ph.D.Professor of Biology
STT: 340-693-1390
Parr, Adam - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Mathematics
Parrott-Gokool, Marlene AAdministrative Specialist I
STT: 340-693-1230
Pelle, ClaniciaPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Penn, Orpha C.Grants Manager
STT: 340-693-1568
Peterson, Michelle - Ph.D.Interim Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics/Associate Professor of Biology
STX: 340-692-4254
Platenberg, Renata J. - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Management
STT: (340) 693-1238
Plyley, Christopher N - Ph.D.Professor of Mathematics
STX: 340-692-4157
Rapp, Aaron - Ph.DAssistant Professor of Mathematics
STX: 340-778-1620 EXT. 3143
Ratchford, StephenAssociate Professor
STT: 340-693-1387
Rhymer, BrandonPart-Time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1230
Romano, Sandra - Ph.D.Dean of College of Science and Mathematics
STT: 340-693-1389
Romney, LudencePart-time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1230
Sanchez, Aimee MGrant Program Manager
STT: 340-693-1249
STX: 340-692-4109
Sevier, MoriahCSM Laboratory Supervisor
STT: 3406931241
Sevier, Moriah L. B.CSM Laboratory Supervisor
STT: 340-693-1241
Smith, DaveProfessor of Physics
STT: (340) 693-1257
Spencer, ConradCommunity Faculty
STX: 340-692-4227
Staff, Jan - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Physics
STT: 340-693-1689
Stanford, Alice - Ph.DProfessor
STT: (340) 693-1242
Stolz, Robert - Ph.D.Professor of Mathematics
STT: 340-693-1231
Turner, TeresaProfessor of Marine Biology
STT: 340-693-1382
Williams, BasilPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4010
Wyatt, ClivePart-time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1320
Zekic, JasnaPart-time Faculty
STX: 340-692-4147