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UVI Mourns the Passing of Nelson Mandela; President Hall Says Mandela’s Life Should Inspire All

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The University of the Virgin Islands mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, and one of the world’s most transformative leaders. UVI President Dr. David Hall saluted Mandela’s legacy. “His life, leadership and deep commitment to the freedom of the people of South Africa has created a lasting legacy that will never be equaled,” said Dr. Hall. “His deep and sincere humility serves as a sobering reminder that our service to others elevates us more than the positions we occupy. His ability to forgive those who persecuted him and his people, is one of the deepest manifestations of spiritual enlightenment that one could witness.”

President Hall said we all should be inspired by Mandela’s life. “As members of an academic community that studies and values the evolution and transformation of societies, we have so much to learn from the social movement which Nelson Mandela helped to create and lead,” he said. “As humanitarians we embrace his love for the sacredness of the human spirit. As guardians of the continuing quest for freedom, we remain inspired by his life and the struggle he lead.”

 “With the passing of this great man we should redouble our efforts in this society to rid it of all forms of oppression, inequality and barriers that cripple human potential,” President Hall said. “This University will strive to keep Nelson Mandela's principles and values alive in the work we engage in each day. Our goal as an institution of higher education is to create an environment where we can contribute to the development of future transformative leaders who, in the spirit of Nelson Mandela, will guide the Virgin Islands and the world into a brighter future.”