The University of the Virgin Islands' Athletic Training and Sports Medicine personnel is committed to delivering the highest quality of health care services to our student athletes. Here at UVI we consider an athlete to be any student participating in a UVI athletic department sponsored athletic activity. Our mission is to promote and maintain the health and welfare of all UVI athletes. However, the accomplishments of this program does not end with the care of UVI athletes, the athletic training and sports medicine program also doubles as a learning facility which provides many UVI students, who wish to pursue a future in athletic training/ sports medicine, with an early start within their field of interest.

UVI's Athletic Training program delivers traditional athletic and sports medicine services to all UVI athletes participating in varsity level athletics sanctioned by the LAI. Services to be delivered will fall under the following domains: (I) Prevention of athletic injuries, (II) evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries, (III) rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries, (IV) documentation of athletic injuries and rehabilitation,(V) continuing education of athletic training staff members, and (VI) community education.