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Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

UVI’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice presents the major components of the American criminal justice system. It includes criminal behavior patterns, law enforcement organizations, juvenile systems, legal principles and doctrines and fundamentals of criminal investigations. Courses utilize hands-on activities and analytical exercises and prepare students for employment in entry-level and advanced positions in the public and private sectors. 

All requirements for the degree can be completed on either campus, and some courses can be completed online.  Entry level courses can be completed on either campus, and some courses can be completed online.

Program Objectives
The following objectives are designed to meet the University of the Virgin Islands’ mission and its objectives:

  • To develop students’ understanding of the American criminal justice system focusing upon the US Virgin Islands’ system and problems.
  • To present an overview of justice institutions, laws, theories and players that make up the system and develop critical reasoning and communication skills required for criminal justice practitioner career success.
  • To assist AAS graduates in obtaining entry-level criminal justice practitioner positions.
  • To prepare practitioner AAS students for professional advancement within justice agencies.

Other Advising Information
It is recommended that students select additional courses from the criminal justice major core courses in order to broaden their preparation or to direct their program toward their interested field of specialization.  Students should seek advisement from the Criminal Justice Advisor to plan their career path and select appropriate electives and substitutions where available in the paradigm.

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Department Chair Elizabeth Jaeger, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant Debbie Joseph