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At UVI-PULSE we have a full catalogue of events taking place online and in locations around the globe.  Take a look at our calendar of upcoming events and register for an event today!

COMING SOON!!! .... UVI-PULSE Conference ~ Alberta, Canada



Conflict Management Course

The purpose of this 2-Day course is to provide participants with the tools they need to guide conversations. Learn the basic foundation for good communication to reach a resolution in an effective and efficient way. Participants will be able to recognize their own personal responses to conflict, assess conflict situations at home and in the workplace, and intervene more effectively in situations involving conflict. Gain knowledge of how the 5 basic elements of PULSE works to frame difficult conversations and gain understanding of the content, process, and response that make up the PULSE frame. Upon completion, receive your Certificate of Training in Conflict Management and become a PULSE Practitioner!  REGISTER

Mediation Certification Course

This 40-Hour course introduces the concepts and theory of the PULSE Mediated Conversations along with practice skills. It is designed to provide participants with the training necessary to qualify as a Mediator and to gain an understanding of how the communication tools used by other mediators and negotiators are used to guide other kinds conversations. The course uses the PULSE Framework and focus on processes and techniques to successfully resolve disputes by showing them when and where to apply the skills and structure so that sustainable outcomes can be assured. REGISTER

Advanced Mediation Certification Course : TBA

The Advanced Mediation Course is a 3-Day interactive course designed to provide Mediators with additional practice and experience using the PULSE frame. Participants will learn the multi-dimensional aspects of the PULSE frame, its complexity and strength and skills for working with high emotion. In addition, the course includes a discussion of ethical issues unique to mediating complex cases, the review and practice of advanced skills, lectures, and small group sessions to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the PULSE frame. This course is designed for Professionals with prior mediation training and experience. All participants in the advanced mediation course will have access to our online webinars, connecting them to a broader community of experienced PULSE Professionals. Upon completion, participants will receive their certification in Advanced Mediation. REGISTER

UVI Gamey & Gamey Partnership Photo
The University of the Virgin Islands has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Gamey & Gamey Group (GGG) in Ghana, Africa to have a collaborative relationship which enables GGG to offer highly professional and practical training and consultancy services in their areas of specialization using world-wide best practices. GGG is a full service HRM, Employment and Labour Relations as well as ADR training and consultancy firm. 
For additional information and courses offered through Gamey and Gamey Group.