2017 PULSE Webinar

Feb 2017:  Prepare for the Conversation

We do our work in conversation.  Taking time to set the stage for a difficult conversation is always time well spent.  This webinar will review the 7 vital elements necessary for preparing for a conversation and how each works to improve the quality of the conversation that follows.

Mar 2017:  Uncover the Story

Everyone has a story.  When you here two people describe the exact same situation, you notice that each will have a unique perspective.  This webinar explains how to name the story or give it a title so that those different perspectives can be focused on naming and resolving the circumstance.

April 2017: Learn the Criteria

When you ask someone “What is important to you about this circumstance?”, they pause.  The question gets to those underlying criteria for change that they really hadn’t considered.  This webinar is about listening for and identifying those important criteria for resolving a circumstance and creating sustainable outcomes and improved relationships.

May 2017: The Reframe

Listen to what people complain about.  Can you hear what’s important to them from their complaint?  This webinar teaches you to find their Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes that are buried in defensive and angry language.  Reframing from complaint to BEACH changes a conversation from confrontation to collaboration.

June 2017: Search the Possibilities

What if a miracle happened and differences could be resolved?  This webinar looks at how to encourage brainstorming for a vision of the future where everyone’s needs are met.  The secret to creating a future together, where relationships are strengthened, will be revealed.

July 2017: Explain a Plan of Action

Making commitments to each other at the end of a meeting or conversation is easy enough.  This webinar explores how to make sure those commitments are the kind people will actually keep.  How can we use language to encourage compliance and increase the likelihood of successful, sustainable outcomes?

August 2017: Choice = Freedom + Responsibility

What happens when we are free to choose?  This webinar explores the sociology of freedom of choice and how it influences conversations and relationships. Understanding this one principle can change how you see the world.

September 2017: Words Create Worlds

Deliberately choosing words that join us together can make a big difference in conversation and in relationship.  Without even realizing it we say things that take us away from a resolution.  In this webinar, we will identify words that work to build collaboration.

October 2017: See the Ball in the Net

What happens to us when we have a clear picture of the future?  This webinar explores how positive images of the future pull us toward that vision and make change possible. We move toward what we anticipate will happen.

November 2017: Positive is as Positive Does

The field of positive psychology is growing.  Research is supporting theories on happiness and the impact on productivity.  This webinar explores the neuroscience behind collaboration and how understanding how the brain works can change how you approach difficult conversations.

December 2017:  It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

Everything we see, hear and experience is open to interpretation.  This webinar explores how we interpret our past, present and future and can also reinterpret them with guidance.  Learn how a positive spin on a negative event is always an option.

January 2018: The Conversation Changes the Minute You Ask a Question

What if you could change the world with a single question?  This webinar explores the possibilities for change that live in well formulated questions.