UVI Goes Green banner with a green recycling graphic

A Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Initiative

Mission/Goals - Within the constraints of its resources, the University of the Virgin Islands is committed to meeting the needs of present and future generations by promoting responsible environmental policies and practices. We will strive to reduce our resource use and ecological footprint by the most efficient and effective sustainable practices.  We will foster a culture of sustainable and environmentally responsible values and encourage members of the University community to adopt practices that improve the environmental health and viability of the Virgin Islands.

Goes Green announces the following:

Recycling: UVI is partnering with Coca Cola to recycle cans and plastic bottles on campus.  These red bins are located throughout campus, monitored by Physical Plant, and taken to Coca Cola for recycling.  Our next steps will be to increase the number of bins inside buildings and offices.

Reusable To-Go Containers:  Currently we use a large amount of Styrofoam containers at food venues.  The Goes Green Task force is investigating reusable containers that can replace the Styrofoam containers and then recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Green Cleaning: Eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning methods are being introduced on campus.

Electric Vehicles: Albert A. Sheen campus recently added an electric cart with solar charging panels to it Public Safety fleet.

Alternative Energy: UVI has installed solar powered water heaters on campus, and is exploring opportunities for the production of solar energy on campus.

Areas of Focus

Green Leadership

Green Energy

  • Install alternative energy on campus
  • Expand participation in the Virgin Island Energy Office

Green Future

  • Use green cleaning technologies
  • Construct green buildings
  • Implement paperless processes

Green Eating

  • Establish “VI Fresh”
  • Serve fresh vegetable and fruits every day
  • Expand aquaculture and hydroponics programs to provide daily fresh supplies for the University

Green Education

  • Work with Academic Component to determine appropriate degree programs in support of Green Initiatives
  • Educate and train UVI community to adhere to policies and procedures that facilitate out environmental goals

Green Vehicles

  • Replenish fleet with hybrid vehicles where possible
  • Encourage use of alternative transportation

Green Conservation

  • Install water efficient fixtures
  • Expand use of wells and cisterns
  • Recycle

Contact Information
Mark Girgis, Energy Manager
 (340) 693-1503