UVI is transitioning from a period when the pandemic forced us to adopt primarily a remote method of education and campus existence, it is important to bring the community together to determine how our campuses will operate in the future. The goal during this new phase should not be to just return to the state we were in prior to the pandemic, but to use this transition period to create a culture and activities on both campuses that transform how students and prospective students view UVI.

Our vision is to bring more excitement, engagement creative activities and life to both campuses. We believe that as students you know best what we should do to transform our campuses.

All students are invited to participate in one of the Campus Life Summit sessions that will be held next week. The Campus Life Summit session will solicit and gather your individual and collective ideas so we can develop a bold plan to be implemented in the Spring and beyond.  

The dates for the Campus Life Summits are Monday, November 14 on the Albert A. Sheen Campus and on Tuesday,  November 15 on the Orville E. Kean Campus.  All students are urged to come for as long or as short as you can and give your ideas so we can make UVI the most exciting place to be for college.


Albert A. Sheen Campus (Monday, November 14) – St. Croix
 Session 1:   Mid-Day -   12:30 - 2:30 (Cafeteria)

Session 2:   Evening   -  4:30 - 6:30 (Cafeteria) 

Orville E. Kean Campus (Tuesday, November 15) – St. Thomas
 Session 1:   Mid-Day -  12:30 -2:30 (Cafeteria)

Session 2:  Evening -     4:30-6:30 (Cafeteria) 


1.    Introductions and Purpose (President David Hall and Provost Camille McKayle)
2.    Visioning and Imagining a New Campus Experience Exercise
3.    Creative Brainstorming for Transforming Campus Life for Students
4.    Small Group Contest Work (The group that comes up with the most ideas that are ultimately selected will receive a prize.)
5.    Music, Dancing and Refreshments

After the ideas from the various sessions are categorized and compiled, an online survey will be conducted to solicit additional ideas from those students who were unable to attend. The ideas and recommendations will be added to the existing lists.

A second survey will be conducted where students on each campus can rank the ideas that have been compiled by selecting the top high priority items. Cabinet members and Student Government Association (SGA) representatives will develop a plan for the implementation of the ideas that seem to have the best chance of transforming student life on each campus.

Please come out and help us shape your future.

“Campus Life is not a place; it is a spirit of excitement that we all must feel, embrace and live.”