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UVI Ph.D. Student Publishes a Top-Ranked, Game-Changing Book for Leaders

University of the Virgin Islands' Ph.D. student, Greg Buschman's skillful art of balancing course work and producing an educational, gripping book has earned him Amazon Kindle's #1 new release in business management and #8 Must-Read Non-profit Leadership Author by the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay.

"I think You Think, We All Think Differently: Leadership Skills for Millennials and GenZ," is now listed as one of the books that leaders should read and is geared for those who will fill the leadership gap as traditionalists and baby boomers retire.

"My greatest wish for Millennial and Gen Z generations is that they learn how to lead our society and economy to new heights without all the hang-ups of past generational transitions," Buschman said. "Although older Americans are working longer, people in leadership roles are retiring or are eligible for retirement, and many have become disengaged at work," he added. "Using the strategies in this book will help each generation connect with each other, reengage disengaged workers, and help prepare the next generation of leaders to lead effectively using supportive and positive leadership."

"I love working across generational and cultural lines, especially with Millennials and Gen Z," Buschman said. The father of Millennials and Zoomers said, "I love them deeply and don't want them to enter a workforce lead by leaders who don't get the flow of our technology-based, creative, innovative, and modern workforce.

"The recently published book on leadership is recognized as a game-changer for organizations whose leaders want to encourage corporate cultural adoption of innovation and creativity for change. It focuses on organizational alignment during leadership transitions. The insightful and dynamic book also highlights the strong leadership team of multi-generational leaders from Boomers to Zoomers.

Buschman's long nights of writing, editing, and rewriting have earned him a rank among notable and respected authors such as John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Steven Covey, and others, many of whom he admires.

"I want to thank UVI's leadership for creating the CLIC doctoral program," Buschman said. "Without it and Dr. Maddirala, Cohort 2, and my professors' education and encouragement, I would not have had the courage to take action in working toward a better future." UVI’s Ph.D. in Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change is geared to prepare learners in the field of leadership by offering an extensive study of relevant leadership knowledge. This advanced knowledge is expected to be applied toward developing innovative practice(s) in leading institutions and other complex human organizations.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.