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The Virgin Island Small Business Development Center (VI SBDC) in collaboration with the University of the Virgin Islands’ Creativity Lab will assist small businesses affected by Covid-19.  

Join the VI SBDC and UVI’s Creativity Lab for an informational session on services that equip small business owners to “dream, plan and achieve more.” The VI SBDC will host an informational webinar about the UVI Creativity Lab at 4:30 pm (AST) on Tuesday, Feb. 9. This webinar will introduce, encourage, and enhance creative techniques and thinking in the workplace.

Please visit to sign up. 

Small business owners have taken the initiative to adapt their operations to be more accessible and safe in order to stay in business. It took brainstorming and resiliency to implement changes under the circumstances of a global health crisis. Creativity is the necessary skill that helps small businesses plan, pivot, sustain, and manage operations to operate at their full potential.  

“This partnership between the Creativity Lab and SBDC allows small businesses affected by COVID-19 to access additional resources within UVI. The collaboration between the SBDC and UVI Creativity Lab is part of the opportunity to utilize CARES ACT funding to cover the expenses for small businesses who utilize the UVI Creativity Lab program through the VI SBDC,” said Ted Gutierrez, VI SBDC state director.  

For more information about the UVI Creativity Lab, you can visit their website at