University of the Virgin Islands Graduation Tassel and Stole

The University of the Virgin Islands, Division of Student Affairs on both campuses are working with Ascendium’s Project Success to offer paid internship opportunities for students to complete their course requirements for graduation. The program will be administered through the Office of Student Employment, collectively, with the University’s schools and colleges to provide paid opportunities for students enrolled in student teaching, clinical, and internships beginning the Summer of 2021. 

The goal is to create a meaningful work experience, increase job opportunities post-graduation, and help students with financial difficulties to participate in unpaid internships. Students will be paid a competitive salary for a maximum of 150 hours. Time and attendance will be entered and tracked by the administrative support team for each school and college. “Working collaboratively with all the academic school and colleges, will guarantee that the paid internship program meets its goals of providing that much-needed work experience for our students before they embark upon their career path after graduation”, noted Dean Finch-Simpson.

Interested applicants must submit their paid internship application to the Office of Student Employment on or before the designated deadline, the third week of each semester. Also, applicants will need an approved learning agreement, signed by the professor and internship site supervisor, highlighting the number of weekly hours. Students will be interviewed and selected based on eligibility.  The program is open to all students: US citizens and international students can participate.  “We are excited that this partnership with Ascendium will provide opportunities for more students to develop workforce readiness skills and solidify post graduations plans”, said Dean Rivers. 

To be eligible to apply for the Paid Internship Program, these are the additional requirements:

  • Students must be a Junior or Senior.
  • Students must exhibit financial challenges that may prevent them from participating in an unpaid internship.
  • Students must be seeking a degree and meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.

For more information, contact the Offices of Student Employment on the Albert A. Sheen Campus at (340) 692-4180 or the Orville E. Kean Campus at (340) 693-1180.