pic from OMB website

The University of the Virgin Islands Office of Human Resources asks the University personnel who may qualify for premium pay under the American Rescue Plan Act and local Fiscal Recovery Funds to visit  http://uvipremiumpay.uvi.edu  to determine eligibility. Funding has been set aside to provide Premium Pay to eligible sector workers. These funds are intended to respond to workers performing essential work during COVID –19 public health emergency by providing Premium Pay to those workers who were both needed to maintain continuity of operations or essential services and unable to perform their duties remotely. Premium Pay is designed to compensate workers that by virtue of their employment, were forced to take on additional burdens and faced a higher risk of exposure as a result. Premium pay is thought of as hazard pay by another name.  

For more information see this link to Frequently Asked questions – FAQs. Visit http://uvipremiumpay.uvi.edu to find out if you qualify. Follow the instructions and submit the required information by Wednesday, October 26, 2022, by 4:30 pm.