The Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) is located on the St. Croix Campus of the University of the Virgin Islands. AES is part of the Research and Public Service Component. The U.S. Virgin Islands are semiarid, subtropical islands in the Lesser Antilles. The islands are marked by easterly trade winds which provide a nearly constant breeze and alternating periods of drought and heavy rain. A long tradition of agriculture in St. Croix provides an ideal location for our research mission.

 Agriculture Experiment Station Annual Reports

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AES 2016 Annual Report


AES 2015 Annual Report Cover

Programs and Personnel

Research Areas Leader Telephone Email address
Agroforestry Michael Morgan (340) 692-4078
Agronomy Stuart Weiss (340) 692-4044
Animal Science Bob Godfrey (340) 692-4042
Aquaculture Donald Bailey (340) 692-4038
Biotechnology Tom Zimmerman (340) 692-4074
Horticulture (340) 692-4086
AES Administration
Director Bob Godfrey (340) 692-4042
Assistant Director Tom Zimmerman (340) 692-4074
Trades Leader Angel Gonzalez (340) 692-4020
Administrative Specialist Jacqueline Romer (340) 692-4020
Administrative Specialist Fiola Alexander (340) 692-4041
Fax number for all programs (340) 692-4035


AES conducts basic and applied research to meet the needs of the local agricultural community in increasing production, improving efficiency, developing new enterprises, preserving and propagating germplasm unique to the Virgin Islands, and protecting the natural resource base. AES has research programs in animal science aquaculture, biotechnology, forage agronomy, fruit and ornamental crops and vegetable crops.


Our vision is to generate information by conducting scientific research that leads to improved agricultural practices in the Virgin Islands and the Car!bean Region. Our research programs will be increasingly influenced by the needs of the public and the farming community and by research conducted by other agricultural research institutions Using new technologies, the results of our research will be disseminated more widely to farmers and the international scientific community.


Our results are disseminated to the local and regional agricultural community, scientists and the public through peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference presentations and proceedings, seminars, workshops, technical and farmers bulletins, popular media and the Cooperative Extension Service. Examples of research results can be found on the individual program sites using the links above.


University of the Virgin Islands
Agricultural Experiment Station
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Telephone: (340) 692-4020 Fax: (340) 692-4035