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OSP is pleased to offer additional training videos related to managment of federal grants through http://www.federalfundmanagement.com/Login. You must first Contact Oliver Elcock, for login instructions at oliver.elcock@uvi.edu or call 340.693.1438. 

Federal Grant Cost Allowability - The Essentials The cost principles are supposed to be used at each stage of a federal grant award — application, award, expenditure, reporting, closeout and audit. So regardless of which parts of that lifecycle you are responsible for, you’re going to need an understanding of the essential features of the principles.

Purchasing with Federal Grant Funds: OMB Updated Requirements The “procurement element” of your grant budget involves supplies, equipment, travel, contractual services and construction is often your second highest budget category, after personnel and fringe benefit costs. So, in lots of awards, if you don’t purchase properly, you’ve blown the grant — period!

Subrecipient Monitoring - From a Distance Oversight of federal subawards by pass-through entities is difficult enough under normal circumstances.  But the current high volume of CARES Act subawards and the diminished capacity to conduct in-person visits because of the COVID19 pandemic are combining to make that job even more challenging.

How to Close Out Your Federal Grant Award The heat has been turned up on timely effective closeout of federal grants — again! The latest catalyst is the August 13 release of revised closeout policies in the Office of Management and Budget’s overhaul of its Uniform Grant Guidance (2 CFR 200).