AAS Campus

Student Representatives to UVI Standing Committees

Academic Standards Committee – Monitors and makes recommendations on academic standards—such as grading, probation rules, attendance (1 student representative)  

Academic Technology Committee – Plans for academic technology, solicits grant funding in order to pursue approved initiatives and plans for expansion of network resources to students on and off campus. (1 student representative)

Athletic Committee – Evaluates the Athletic program and makes recommendations for its improvement. (2 student representatives)

Charter Day Committee – Plans and expedites Charter Day activities (1 student representative)

Discipline Committee- Reviews cases in violation of UVI’s Code of Student Conduct or infractions of University regulations or behavior detrimental to the welfare of the University community. (4 student representatives- freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior)

Commencement Committee – Expedites all aspects of commencement activities
(2 student representatives, 1 male and 1 female)